Tuesday, October 18, 2011


When I brought Emma home I was totally ignorant about the true nature of donkeys.  I just assumed (always a stupid thing to do) she would be a lot like a small horse.  What I have found instead is that she is a lot more like my border collie then a horse.  One of the most notable similarities is her love of toys.  Emma likes to play with things, all sorts of things, if she can reach it it is fair game.  This is where the trouble starts.  As soon as I recognized her wish to play, I stared giving her toys.  Unfortunately, the things that make good toys for donkeys also make good toys for dogs.

Tanner loves his toys.  He plays with them all the time, he keeps track of exactly where they are at all times.  He guards them jealously.  He can spend hours hiding and relocating his treasures and if I happen to accidentally unearth one he will spend more hours digging up and re-hiding his other treasures to keep them safe.  He does not like seeing the donkey with a toy, any toy, and he has taken to patrolling the barn every morning so that he can gather everything up and get them safely out of Emma's reach.  Every afternoon, before I go to work I have to make my own circuit to gather Emma's toys (if I can find them) and put them back in the barn so she will have something to play with while I am gone.  Both Emma and tanner think that I should spend all of my time with them.  Unfortunately, both the donkey and the dog are not thrilled with the others company and would much prefer to have me all to themselves.  It isn't always easy being loved.

Mine, ALL mine!! 

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