Thursday, October 27, 2011

Don't fence me in

So far, I have only found one thing that Emma really doesn't like and that's being shut in a stall.  The first day here, I had planned on locking her in one of the stalls until she had a chance to get acclimated a little and I could introduce her to the electric fence.   I don't have normal doors in my stalls, finding that a piece of chain across the opening works just fine for the little time my horses are in their stalls.  I knew this wouldn't work for a small donkey who had never been in a barn before or even worn a halter.  Still, I got Emma in the stall and used my trusty cordless drill to put a few boards across the doorway.  I went up about five feet and figured that ought to be enough to hold a donkey less than 40 inches tall.  Wrong!

A friend had come up to see the new donkey and we were standing there admiring her when she did a standing leap over my hastily built wall.  I had heard that donkeys were good jumpers but really...a 3 1/2 foot tall donkey neatly jumping a five foot wall???  Time for some rapid rethinking of the donkey containment issue.

Emma wound up spending her first 3 days here locked in my round pen, which luckily, has 7 foot walls.  Not even the super donkey could leap over these. 
Fortunately, Emma has absolute respect for the electric fence.  In fact, I have even had some success with a dummy wire in the barn.  Much to Emma's dismay.

"Let me out!!!!" 
 "There just has to be a way through this..."
 "Ohhhh, a consolation prize"
"Maybe I'll survive"

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