Thursday, December 28, 2017

Hunkered Down

Emma has not worn her blanket for the past couple of winters.  She grows a super thick coat and by the time the really cold weather sets in, she fluffs up like a dandelion and stays nice and warm.  This year, this really cold weather is coming somewhat early and on the heels of a fairly mild fall.  I held up her blanket and asked her if she wanted it.  She usually just walks off as soon as I reach for it, but this time, she headed over and stuck her head through it so I had my answer.  She is certainly not overly warm in it, which is a hazard of blankets.  It is very bad if they sweat under the blanket - they will end up even colder and in danger of frostbite if that happens.  No sweating going on around here though.

I lured everyone out of the barn for an hour or so this afternoon by letting them out on forbidden pasture grass.  It gave them something to do for a bit and gave me some time and space to clean the barn.  They were back long before I had finished though.  The frozen, snow-covered grass was no match for the cold and wind.

They picked their favorite spots up against the slightly sun-warmed wall of the barn and napped while I worked.

Stopping to slide my frozen hands up under one of those warm blankets was handy though.

Although Ramsey gets annoyed with me if I try to use him as a hand warmer.  I can't say as I blame him, I wouldn't want my icy fingers creeping up my backside either. 

There is not much to do around here at the moment other than hunker down and stay out of the wind. 

There are some diehards though who just won't quit no matter what. 


  1. Great post. Thanks! Sending you warm thoughts from California. -k

  2. I guess I'll take our wet and windy weather!

  3. Conner's Border Collie Fire must keep him warm. I had wondered about Emma being blanketless in a prior post. Keep safe. Rebecca2

  4. Emma is a smart girl. Glad everyone is staying warm. Thank goodness for the sun!

  5. T.L. Merrybard here. Having all sorts of trouble commenting on blogs since I started dropping my cookies every time the puter shuts down. Not sure why yet! As usual, have no comprehension of this sort of cold, but I can see why people get depressed. It is all so grey! hopefully inside is warm and bright, though. Time for indoor crafts and to perfect your latest song on your latest instrument! (That's what I'd be doing anyway. :D)