Monday, December 25, 2017

Everyday Presents

People ask me all the time what I get my donkeys for Christmas.  Those who know me, know that I am not fond of Christmas for a variety of reasons and one of them is the way giving gifts has become obligatory.  I like giving gifts and if you hang around long enough, you may find yourself the recipient of a random present here or there. 

As for the donkeys and my other animals, I do all I can, day in and day out, to make everyday like Christmas - only better because, thankfully, not every day is miserably cold, snowy and windy like today. 

Their presents include wide open spaces to run and play.

Safety and security so they can relax and live with no worries. 

A barn full of food so there are never any hungry days.

An environment filled with fun things to do.

Plenty of toys and exercise.

 Never ending improvements in their world.

Warm blankets, a cozy barn and good company.

Kisses on the nose.
Help in overcoming fears.

And maybe, just maybe, everybody got an extra cookie too.

Merry Christmas, everyday, even Christmas Day.


  1. I feel the same way about it for our critters

  2. Merry Christmas! You are right that caring for our animals makes every day a Christmas day for them.

  3. Merry everyday Kris, to all of you!!

  4. Blessings to you each and every day. And I’m in your camp with all the gift giving.
    They appreciate the everyday care. I know my little tribe does.

  5. It sounds like everyone has had the perfect Christmas! Keep warm and Merry Christmas.

  6. Merry Christmas to you and all your Fur-Kids! :D

  7. So well said Kris - same over here - "merry everyday!"

  8. Kris, I read your blog still for so many reasons... I learn so very much from you. This was a great Christmas post... thank you for still blogging and teaching us so much.

  9. Every day is Christmas for my critters -- I strive to give them the best I can all the time. I can't think of what else I could give them. My friends all say that they want to come back as one of my pets in their next life. And love is the best that we can give them for sure. Merry Christmas one day late!

  10. Having received one of your gifts (my calendar) I love how you do it. :)

  11. Merry Christmas! You take good care of your animals that is a great everyday gift:)

  12. You bless your four legged friends each and every day. Do you have any chickens left? Rebecca2

  13. What a lovely read! Thank you. Your Donkey must be very happy :)
    Ariane from The Love of Donkeys ( Facebook)