Monday, August 21, 2017

The Great Eclipse Party

"Hey guys, wanna come stare at the sun with me?"

"Kind of busy here Ma, you were terribly late with lunch today."

"Oh c'mon, this is your once(or twice)-in-a-lifetime chance to partially watch a total solar eclipse. There are millions of people who have traveled thousands of miles for this opportunity. There are massive hordes crowding themselves onto the hot, arid plains of Oregon, camped out for days just to watch this."

"Better them than us."

"Well, OK, I happen to agree with you on that one, but are you sure you don't wanna check this out?"

munch, munch, chew, chomp, munch..."Did you say something back there?"

"So much for eclipse enthusiasm from that side of the fence.  How about you Connor?"

"I think this could be very, very dire.  It could even mean the end of the world!"

"Wow.  I didn't know you felt so strongly.  What do think is going to happen when the sun goes dark?"

"Of course I feel strongly, this could be bad!  It could distract people from the truly important things in life.  Like throwing the frisbee."

"OK then.  Thank you for your input."

"What about you Stepchild?  Birds are supposed to get all weird and confused, how are you handling this epic event?"

"Who cares.  You took my favorite roosting bale away, the one I've been sleeping on and craping on for months.  All in the name of barn cleaning.  You are a terrible, horrible creature, far below my notice."

"Right, nothing new to report there.  Let's just go check out how the eclipse is progressing..."

"Hmmm, guess we should'a worn shades.  Not a whole lot to see there either unless you want to go blind."

"Kipper, we haven't heard from you yet.  Cats are supposed to be mystic astrologers, what words of wisdom do you have to share for us during this incredible time?"

"Sleep, eat, and pet the cat."

"This party doesn't seem to be living up to all the hype....

Oh wait!"

 Here's some astronomical action going on!"

"I guess the dire predictions of the doomsayers have passed us by once again.  Whew."

"Heck, I even got the hay barn all cleaned out while the sun was bit less intense (much to the dismay of certain chickens).  Truly an incredible experience on this historic day."

"Well folks, there you have it: live, after the fact, in-depth coverage of the Great Eclipse of 2017.  Brought to you by the crew of The Dancing Donkey, reporting this very late-breaking news to you directly from the top of HellWind Hill."

"Hey, did anyone bring beer??"


  1. Nice action photo of Connor! And that Kipper sure has beautiful eyes!

  2. Finally a reporter who knows to pick the right interviewees, namely those whose opinion truly matters. (Aaand who are total eye-candy.) Excellence in reporting! :)

  3. We were in line for the partial eclipse but it didn't create much excitement

  4. I loved this, thank you for the wonderful chuckles this morning!

  5. I love the cat's comment "sleep, eat and pet the cat" would make a great t-shirt
    I didn't buy glasses. Did see the yard dimmed. But, mostly just stayed in the house. It looked weird outside.

  6. "Fun in the Sun Mesquite," had overcast skies! Can you believe it? Clouds lifted a little immediately after the "showtime" passed.

  7. I love the photo of all four enjoying lunch. You have a beautiful set up for them.

  8. What, no pictures of donkey's wearing bra's to protect their eyes?? Ha ha! You have a smart crew. The hoopla was blasé here in WI.