Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Half Way

The big door finally moved from its spot on the lawn today.  I used some old posts I had from my big deck fiasco to make rails for the door to slide on.

With a lot of grunting, heaving and judicious swearing, I managed to get it off its blocks and onto the rails.

From there, I was able to enlist the help of my faithful Little Green Man to move it up the rest of the way....

This is where things get a bit more tricky.

I need to stand the door up and then slide it over to the left and get the rollers aligned with the door track.  I braced the bottom of the door and I had hoped that I would be able to use the ATV to pull the door into a standing position.  However, it needs a lot more bracing because the door just slid back down the hill.

So...I went back to my original method of doing it by hand.  I used a lever to to raise it up a few inches and then, quick, shove something under it to hold it up.

I got about half way to that tipping point where one more shove will get it standing and then my lever, my strength and the daylight all got too short and I gave up.

I think that, from this point, I could pound a couple of steel posts into the ground at the base of the door and then use the ATV to pull it the rest of the way up (the posts would also keep it from tipping all the way over).  From there, I could slide it over, but I would have to get the height just perfect to get it all lined up and the rollers in the track.  That part might take about eight hands.

Thankfully, Farm Buddy is going to come over tomorrow to help me and I think we will be able to wrestle it into place without all that scheming.  If that fails, I have another friend who has volunteered to help as well.  One way or another, I'll get the door up.


  1. That looks like a real job to do. That door is not light at all! Tractors, block and tackle, extra hands...I think that is what you may need!

  2. Yes, wait for your friends. That thing could squish you to death. Hopefully, ya'll won't fill up the swear jar getting that monster hung. Be careful.

  3. That's going to look so good once it's up!

    Be careful!

  4. SO glad you are getting some help today. I know you are independent but I worry you might get hurt and then lay there til someone finds you!!!

  5. Way to think out of the box, you are definitely resourceful!