Sunday, August 6, 2017

Projects - part 2

I finally got the rest of the materials to finish my hay-shed project and it is nearly complete.

The next step will be hanging the door, which, contrary to Connor's opinion, is what this monstrosity is....

There are a lot of times when an extra set of hands would be a help around here, but that doesn't happen often and I need to save the big jobs for those occasions.  The rest of the jobs usually require a bit of ingenuity to manage on my own.

Jobs like hanging a 20 foot door track 9 feet off the ground...

The floor is in, the track is up.  Now all I have to do is hang up that door, which is definitely going to take more than a bit of ingenuity.  Anyone want to come over and wrestle a 300-400 pound door?  I have a plan.

We all know how those work out.


  1. Sure, I'd be over to help but I don't think I'd be much good at it. I am curious as to how you are going to hang it! I have a neighbor who will always volunteer her husband at the drop of a hat!

  2. Oh, no! A Cliff Hanger. Shades of Saturday Afternoon Matinees!

  3. FB? And where's the new puppy?

    1. FB will help and so will another friend. We will get it done. I don't know what you mean about a puppy though. There are no new additions here. Believe me, if I had a new puppy, you would be seeing LOTS of puppy pictures:)

    2. Hmmm. Thought FB was adding a new Maremma pup to her farm?

  4. I can totally relate to getting the big chores done single-handedly. You have to use lots of "cleverage". Good luck!

  5. hahaha, the hubby dumped the tank out of the mule this weekend. I said how did you do that? He said I didn't do anything. I said it didn't jump out by itself.

    Anyway, 70 gallon, full of water. I couldn't budge it to help him get it back in the mule. He finally had the idea to lift one end and I set something under it.

    He went to the other end and picked it up and was able to swivel the tank around and man handle it back to the bed of the mule.

    I told him realize that thing was 2 or more times my body weight. He just grinned.

    Your shed is looking good.

  6. Of COURSE, blog readers, I have offered my help, but she has not yet taken me up on it. I showed up one day to help with the track, but some important pieces were found to be missing. Naturally. No puppies, Shelley. I was hoping to get Bess bred, but she is still pure as the driven snow. Will try again in the winter!

  7. I can't wait to see how you get that door up! I love you ingenuity.

  8. Your hay shed is looking good & sturdy! All the hard work will be worth it in the end.