Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Important Life Lessons

A few weeks ago, a friend came for a visit and brought a new party trick for everyone.  There was much fascination and interest...

Everyone gathered around for introductions and lessons on the proper use of this most vital of American Icons.

There was some definite skepticism and mutterings about danger and frivolity....

But eventually, the lure became too great and Emma (the philosopher), decided it was worth the risk.

Because every donkey needs a rubber chicken.



And then the police showed up and reminded everyone about the danger of gateway drugs and confiscated the contraband.


  1. "mutterings about danger and frivolity" That made me giggle.

    It's a good thing that Connor is there to make sure that nothing gets out of hand.

  2. Such great photographs of these sweeties! Thank goodness for Connor To protect and serve.

  3. Emma seems not quite sure of the rubber chicken as she is holding it oh so delicately...

  4. Oh that made me giggle, love it. Thank you for that. A donkey and a rubber chicken, that is...until....
    Still smiling.