Friday, March 10, 2017

If Wishes Were Donkeys

If wishes were donkeys....

....I'd wear one by my side.

If turnips were watches....

....I'd find a way to ride.

And if if's and and's were boxes, there'd be no work out of catses.

If wishes were horses
Beggers would ride.

If turnips were watches
I'd wear one by my side.

And if if's and and's were pots and pans
There'd be no work for tinkers.

Mother Goose's Version


  1. Nice to see Kipper, she of the dainty little feet.

  2. See? Everyone LOVES Kipper!!! More Kipper, More Kipper!! Of course we could always use more Bess too!

  3. I love the old Mother Goose rhymes. Wish that kids today would learn them!

  4. Love all those beautiful pictures!!! Kipper is so super cute!!! Have a great week:)