Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Dubious Honor

After seeing several snow fall maps, it appears that my lovely hill has the dubious honor of getting the most snow out of this storm.  In the least windy spot behind my house, it measured 38 inches this morning.  I spent all day battling the snow and digging out.

As I write this, the house is shaking in the wind and all of the work I did today is being obliterated.

For a while at least, I did have some paths cleared and, late this afternoon, I let Tessa and the donkeys out for some driveway games.

They have been cooped up in the barn for days now and the snow is drifted halfway up Tessa's belly.  They all flatly refuse to venture into it.  Ben did try, but he lost his footing and went down in it for a brief scrambling, flailing eternity.  That was the end of that.

So, they got twenty minutes of cavorting on the driveway before the wind drove us all back.

Ben was astonished by this and clearly thought he was getting away with something terribly naughty.

Ramsey just wants to know where we are going to move to so we don't have to deal with this any more.


  1. Holy crap- that's a lot of snow!

  2. It's a whole lot warmer in Mississippi Ramsey!

  3. Ramsey does look like he is appealing to you to DO something! All that snow is beyond my imagination; you are one strong lady. How is Farm Buddy faring?

    1. Thanks for asking. I am fine. I have a big barn, 140 foot, and the sheep, cattle, chickens, and pigs can all be inside, if they like. The pigs are annoyed because they can't play outside in the deep snow, but they have lots of room inside. The dogs were the biggest problem, as they were BORED!!! However, today I have gotten the snowshoes out and made a path for them, so that we can take a reasonable long hike. My truck is also parked inside a building, and I am not venturing out on the road until next week, at the earliest!!!

  4. Gosh, and I thought we had it bad with all the rain & flooding. I'll just be quiet and grateful it's not snow!

  5. My heart is aching for all of you! I used to shovel the driveway and paths so the pugs had a place to go!

  6. That is a ton of snow. I know our animals love taking snow baths and running in the deep snow.
    Thank goodness we have a skid steer and plow...and bucket to remove snow.

  7. The Blue Ridge Mountains are lovely. They do get four seasons but the winter is nothing like NY.

  8. I know how much work that amount of snow is all at once. Be careful out there. Sorry you got dumped on :(