Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wind Blown

Have you ever wondered why Tessa has a perpetually tousled, wind-blown look?

There's a good reason for it....

I just read that July 2016 was the hottest ever recorded.

Tessa deals with such things by spending allllll day parked in her favorite corner....

....hogging the fan.

Everyone else takes what breeze passes under - or over.  Good thing they come with large, all-natural air conditioning units installed at birth.


  1. Tessa is a smart girl. Too bad evaporative coolers don't work in your climate.

  2. Okay that is too funny! There always is one hogging the fan or a/c isn't there - human or animal.

  3. Funny! Our July wasn't the hottest, but July and August are becoming the 'wettest' in a long time!

  4. Ahh nothing like wind in your mane....I wonder if she daydreams about galloping across endless grassy fields?