Sunday, August 28, 2016

Driving Mr. Ben

A friend of mine loaned me a harness and cart for Ben.  The Harness needs to go to the harness maker for some adjustments to make it fit a donkey properly...

If I make the crupper fit, then the britching doesn't.  If I make the britching fit, then the crupper is too short.

I finally took the brow-band off altogether because it was too tight for Ben's wide brow and oh-so-delicate and dainty ears.  We wouldn't want to pinch the ears.

But it is good enough for a little jaunt and I was determined to take my new driving donkey out for a ride before the vet comes on Thursday to work on his foot.  The canker is not yet making him lame and exercise is good for the foot so there is no reason I can think of not to.  I have no idea when or if he will be driving again so I was, by God, gonna take him out.

I know the cart needs a paint job.

I know I forgot to run the lines through the saddle rings.

I know the harness isn't quite right.

And I know that Ben is an awfully nice, well-behaved donkey.  So good that we just went out and down the road and drove into the sunset.

Care to join us for a moment?


  1. That looks like so much fun! I can picture Connor trotting alongside. What did the little donkeys and Tess think of all this?

    1. I CANNOT picture Connor trotting alongside!!

  2. Way to go girl! And you, too, Big Boy.

  3. Do you have to paint the cart? It's finish looks so nice in the photos.

    I'm certain your eyes will be glued to the Vet and Ben's hoof. Looking forward to the details.

  4. What a sweet boy and I love the sound the cart makes, so relaxing.

  5. What a sweet boy and I love the sound the cart makes, so relaxing.

  6. Hey, that looked like fun! I already like Ben!

  7. Oh I like your cart! Looks like great fun to me! :)

  8. Thanks for the ride! It was fun going along with you and Ben.

  9. Would love to! Good boy Ben and good luck with your hoof!

  10. I hope this all works out with Ben. I know exercise it what was recommended for Siera last year and continues to be.
    A good driving donkey is so much worth his weight in gold and he goes solo which is an even bigger plus!