Saturday, June 11, 2016

Don't Get Attached

Do you remember the guinea house that became a green house after all the guineas got eaten by coyotes?

I swore 'never again'.  But guess has now become a chicken house.  I am shaking my head just looking at this picture.

Really, its all Farm Buddy's fault.  We have friends who have a small farm and they are going to be moving.  They have spent several years building a lovely flock of free-ranging, organic egg layers and when FB heard they were going to disperse the flock she decided I really should have some laying hens and promptly volunteered me.

The difference between guinea hens and chickens is that the guineas truly were freaky and resisted all attempts to protect them.  Chickens, especially chickens who have been raised to be quite friendly and tame, are more willing to come home to roost every day where they can be locked up for their own safely.  The plan is to only let them out during the day while I am home and make sure they are tucked away each night before I leave for work.  These hens are very calm and settled into their new home within minutes.

I swore wouldn't have any more coyote bait, but here we are.  Here they are, God help them.

The two buff colored hens are Red Stars, the speckled ones are Silver Laced Wyandottes, the black one is a Black Australorp and the little bit of white fluff you can just barley see beside her is her chick whose parentage is anybody's guess.

Don't. Get. Attached.


  1. Oh, goody. Another project. Fingers crossed.

  2. I am ALREADY attached! They look beautiful and very happy! Good job on the jungle roost. Very natural setting for them. You are going to love them and their eggs!!! Connor can help round them up when it is time for them to go to bed.

  3. What a lovely batch of girls! I absolutely LOVE having hens! You will enjoy them (and probably get attached!) Hate to say this, but I wouldn't trust that shelter to protect them if you have mink or raccoons - can you add a layer of smaller mesh and
    go up over the top?

  4. I don't see how you can not get attached to these. They are lovely. I am envious of your chickens. I really want some but we decided to wait until I retire. :)

  5. My husband calls my Fat Cat 'Coyote Bait', LOL! They are good looking hens. The Buff is very pretty and the Silver are too.

  6. Ahh Fresh eggs.....Brawking hens...and a good use for your hoop coop.

  7. I have a black Australorp here. She is a dear old thing, thick as a board (even her clucks sound stupid!) but so funny, kind, fluffy bottomed and attractive. We call her Nanny Ogg. I'm jealous of your Wyandotes, a breed I've always wanted and never had. Good luck chookies!