Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Middle Child

Farm Buddy was nagging me the other day to make sure I wrote a suitable birthday post for Miss Kelsey, who turned seven today.  I told her she should do that, but did she?


Poor Kelsey, its not easy being the middle child.

I, at least, can empathize as I too am a middle child.  So, since FB just couldn't be bothered, here ya go Kelsey.

Happy Birthday!


  1. Kelsey had a GREAT birthday! We played lots of Frisbee, she herded sheep, cattle, and Bess. She got to drink lots of Jane's milk after both milkings, and she received pieces of chicken chopped up on top of her food dish. Kelsey is not just a middle child, she is my right hand herding dog, and I would be LOST without her! I LOVE Kelsey, and she is the BEST! Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday KELSEY!!!!! May you have many, many more!

    1. Happy birthday Kelsey! She sure had the best birthday treats. Middle children get spoiled too. And to many many more.

  2. Happy Birthday Kelsey- you are a beautiful dog. :)