Sunday, May 29, 2016

Worst Picnic Ever

"Ma keeps telling us that it's a holiday and everyone is having barbecues and picnics and parties and stuff.  She promised a holiday treat for us too, but you know what she did?"

"She tried to feed us pink slime!!  Ma is sooo mean."

"Can you believe it?  She tried to tell us that lots of other donkeys just looove this awful watermelon stuff and she thought we would like it.  What was she thinking?  Who would ever want to eat pink slime???"

"Mom gave up on the horrible stuff right off, she even had to go eat some straw to get rid of the nasty taste, but I just couldn't believe that Ma would do something like this to me so I really tried to like the stuff, but - yuck, ick, blech."

"I'd rather eat the plastic bag.  I tried too, but mean Ma wouldn't let me."

"I'm telling you bloggy people, this is the only good place for pink slime."

"I know, I know, you might be appalled at the idea of making poor little donkeys eat pink slime, but it actually gets worse!!  There aren't even enough exclamation points in the world to describe this next meanness."

"Ma said we could come out on the lawn or go out into the big field and all we had to do was wear a special 'halter'.  Sounds innocent enough right?  But look what she did!"

"They won't come off!!!"

"Please, someone send in some troops - army?  Navy?  Marines?  Send them all, they are the only ones who might be able to help us overcome this terrible travesty of freedom."

"Worst Picnic EVER."  


  1. Poor donkeys! (Pssst, that's not "pink slime". LOL.)

  2. I'm amazed you turned up your noses to watermelon. What a mean trick...a big lush field and muzzles so you can't eat the tasty grasses :(

  3. Oh my that is just awful, you poor donkey's! What a wonderful post!

  4. The abuse is unbelievable! You need to get accredit card and an Internet connection

  5. I was amazed when mine turned up their noses at it a couple of years ago. Ingrates!

  6. I'm calling the ASPCA right now! Poor poor donkeys.... ;-)
    ps. our boys LOVE the rind... never tried the 'pink slime' on them... we are such selfish donkey Moms :-D

  7. I'm calling the ASPCA right now! Poor abused donkeys... ;-)
    ps. our boys LOVE the rind... they never get the 'pink slime' We are such selfish donkey Moms :-D