Sunday, May 8, 2016


Tessa does dearly love "her"donkeys and is much happier living with them than she ever was in a herd of other horses.  However much she loves them and wants to be one though, there are certain things that simply elude her - like, donkey-dietary preferences.

"Oh look Tessa, Ma brought in the wood cart and there is all this scrumptious bark and wood mold in here.  Yum.!"

"Are you donkeys sure this is really edible?"

"Oh yeah horse, this is good stuff."
 "You know, sometimes I think I just won't ever really understand donkeys." 

We are all glad they're here though and we celebrated World Donkey Day today with some scrumptious donkey treats, even though the honorary donkey couldn't quite figure out the appeal.

Move over moms....
Happy World Donkey Day!


  1. Happy World Donkey Day to all of you at Dancing Donkey!!

  2. Happy Donkey Day to you and your gang. I love the expression on Tessa's face- it says it all.

  3. Happy world donkey day! Who knew?

  4. Yea for the donks! (honorary or otherwise)

  5. Donkeys do baffle horses. I know my donkeys don't prefer the company of horses, but enjoy their mules quite a bit. It is so fun to watch the herd interact!