Monday, December 28, 2015


I didn't mean to be cryptic about the "retirement party".  Unfortunately, it does NOT mean that I get to retire, far from it.  It is just that the puppies like to play in the tire (which used to be a flower bed).  Now it is a dog bed, which Bess "retires" in whenever the weather is dry.

The puppies tire themselves out playing in the tire, then they retire to the tire so that they can rest up for more tiring play in the tire.  I could go on and on, but I know we will all get tired of it.  Unlike some, who generally remain tireless about the tire.

See what I mean?

OK, Moving on.....for those wondering what is going on with the latest job drama....that is terribly tiresome as well.

I really don't have a good answer.  The doctor wanted me to temporarily go back on full duty then have some tests done.  That was all supposed to happen in the past two weeks, but the holidays got in the way and there were no appointments available. Then, the doctor is going on vacation for two weeks and, when all is said and done, nothing will happen until the end of January.

In the mean time, just to make my life more fun, I am going back to the night shift starting tomorrow.  Temporarily? Permanently? I don't know. I know it's just in time for the ice storm moving this way Monday night.

There are murky, secretive stirrings quietly rumbling in the bowels of the bureaucracy, but I am being kept deliberately out of the loop. What it really comes down to is that I need a new job, which is easier said than done, especially around here.

Even if there were jobs, I am not sure what I would do.  People say, "do what you love, follow your dreams", but I am not sure what that is anymore.  When I was young, I wanted to be a vet, but my lungs failed me.  Repeated bouts of chronic pneumonia and the onset of severe allergies kept me out of vet school and left me with a set of lungs not up to the job.  What do you do when dreams have failed and you just have to make a living?

As for moving to some other place...the job issue still remains, although there may be more opportunities somewhere else.  There is really only one reason I stay here, God knows it is not a love of the climate.  It is that the few friends I have are here and won't leave.  Having already lost most of my family and friends, I am reluctant to lose more.  Stupidity, loyalty or common sense - I can't tell which.

So, here are a few things I've thought of trying to pursue...
  • Freelance writing.  Not sure if anyone would actually pay for my writing and if they will, would it pay enough?
  • Online tutoring.  I am actually a pretty good teacher with a heavy background in the sciences.  Maybe brush up on my Biology and Chemistry and see if I can make a living explaining the Kreb's Cycle?
  • Medical coding and billing.  Not terribly exciting, but there are a lot of job openings in the field right now because of federally mandated changes in how it is done and a shortage of coders.  
  • Start an Equine Nutrition Consulting business.  This would be interesting and maybe fun, but I think I might starve doing it since I haven't found anyone who actually wants to pay for such a thing.  
Anybody have any suggestions? I'm not looking to get rich, just to keep supporting myself and my herd without falling back across to the wrong side of the poverty line.  I've spent too much of my life there already.


  1. See, we wouldn't have that problem because here the thing you put on your car is a tyre, and you only tire when you do too much. :)

    I know it sounds nice to do what you love for a living, but in some ways then you might end up hating what you loved, like me when I took up working racehorses for a living. Not hate exactly, but I didn't exactly go home and saddle up my own horse when I knocked off for the day!

    For me, it turned out that doing any old job, preferably an outdoor one, suited me best, because it left my mind un-exercised enough to come home and still write and paint after work. I couldn't have made a living at it in those days, but I could still find energy to do it if I didn't fry my brain with stress as I did when still teaching.

    I can well understand staying to be near your friends. I hope the hospital comes up with something suitable for you, as they bloody well should!

  2. I went with Medical Billing and Coding although now it would have to take another degree and several tests to be hired again in that field. Do not be fooled by ads that say you can do it at home, I have not found a facility that will do that.
    I went that route and by accident got the job I have now.

    I don't know what teaching is available in your area, but I know that here in our state if you have special skills, they are always looking to use them in schools!

    I don't know. Writing? And consulting at the same time? You have a gift of doing excellent research, why not contact some equine mags or on line places to see if you can submit some of your excellent blog-research articles?

    Here's hoping things will work out.

  3. They are definitely some, "tier"...dogs!

  4. Crap. I thought you were retiring. Can your hands handle much keyboard work?

  5. Break into writing but Try a Children's book about Ramsey and your wonderful pooch and the countryside around you?

  6. Check this out....

    Hang in there Kris - Happy 2016!! Suzanne in Ohio

  7. Since you already drive to Binghampton, why not check out the university employment op?

  8. Yes, I'm a fixer too!

  9. Come on out west and we'll open a donkey sanctuary!! You can be the farm manager!

  10. Change seems to be in the air for everyone I know. I am wondering if this is just the part of life that we are in? Hmmm.... I think your middle two are definite possibilities, understanding that being single with a home and critters - following the heart (probably what the first and last ones in your list really are) is not always the one that will work. How will your hands handle the computer work? I personally think you would be an amazing teacher! You and so many of my other friends (and self) are in my thoughts and intentions!

  11. All good ideas. Maybe you can retrain in medical billing to pay the bills then add in writing and teaching. You have a lot of knowledge about science, your love of animals and their nutrition and care to share. I know I've learned so much from you in your tireless (couldn't help myself) efforts to share complicated information with us on your blog.