Tuesday, December 22, 2015

In the Land of Giants

Connor usually seems like a good sized dog, weighing in at about 45 pounds of hard muscle.  He always seems to shrink though in the company of all these Maremmas.

It's a good thing he's fast.

This is Rinatta  (sp?), the mother of all the pups, pretending to be all statuesque.  She has her moments though.  She and Maggie (one of the pups), live with RB.

That's Maggie trying to squash the un-squashable Connor, and Rinatta guarding her bone.  A good summation of their personalities. 

And a good view of the size difference.

Then there is the Bess and Connor show....

All day, every day.


  1. In case anyone wants to know, that is Bess' tire that she likes to retire in. Get it? It is also their wrestling ring. It used to be filled with beautiful flowers. I fear they are gone forever!

  2. I love the bess and Connor show! I get it FB, I think Kiba would do well with a small retirement, like a 4 wheeler or something like that.

  3. LOL! Love that last pic of Connor! He's having the time of his life! I know it's not quite Christmas there while I read this, but it is here in Oz so very best wishes to everyone at your splace, and at FB's!

  4. The most beautiful flower is growing in the tire, so much playful joy!