Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Grass is Greener....

Thank you all for your kind words yesterday.  When I know more and have more to say, I will let you know.  Meanwhile, what the world needs is more of this.

While I have been toiling away in the salt mines (the windowless basement of a hospital in reality), these guys have been blissfully wallowing in the beautiful Fall that I have been missing out on (yes I am feeling very, very sorry for myself about that). 

(Is there some grammatical rule about using too many parentheses in one sentence? Using it as a paragraph? If there is, I don't care.  Rules are meant to be broken now and then.)

Now that the grass has gone into dormancy, I have been giving the herd small slices of it every day.  Finally, they are getting to eat all that yumminess that I worked so hard to keep them off of all summer. 

If you are interested in the grazing and grass stockpiling system I use, I wrote about it here.  So far, we are having the perfect year for feeding stockpiled grass as we have not had any snow (may it, PLEASE God, remain so!).

I am using less than a bale of hay per week so far.  In fact, I use that as a gauge for how much grass to give them. 
I want them to still be hungry enough to eat some hay every day.  It is an imprecise method, but all I have for now and it seems to be working.

If the weather holds out, I figure I have at least another month of grazing.  IF the weather holds out.

Tessa and the donkeys are in seventh heaven.  No bugs, cool temps, sunny skies....

....and FINALLY, the grass is greener on their side of the fence.


  1. As compared to the cattle, who are scarfing down almost one entire baleage a day!!

    1. I keep telling you how superior donkeys are.

    2. Well you seemed to enjoy that prime rib on Thanksgiving, which certainly did not come from any donkey!

  2. You are so focused--oh, if I could only be the same. Your herd is lucky to have you. I re-read last January's post, too.

  3. This was just excellent to read, we are working on a plan of stockpiling pasture for our sheep when they get here. I think it must be so much better for them, to have grass and the peace of a pasture.

  4. They look so content! I am reading backwards, Kris, trying to get caught up on what is going on.

  5. They do indeed look very content and happy to be out in the "wilds"! :)