Sunday, November 15, 2015

From Guinea House to Green House

Since my brief foray into guinea keeping ended so abruptly and definitively, I no longer had any need for a guinea house.  I finally decided that it was time for plan B (to be accurate, in my world that would be plan 964,997 - B2.  But who's counting?).

I bought some greenhouse plastic from FarmTek and set about turning my make-shift guinea coop into a make-shift greenhouse instead.

This was a pretty simple, inexpensive project (if you skip the whole guinea fiasco portion, which I highly recommend).  I didn't keep track and I used a lot of leftovers from other projects, but I think this entire structure could be built for well under $150.  It could easily be made longer by adding more panels.  Each panel costs about $25 and the plastic is sold by the foot.  Although, if I was setting out to build a hoop house, I'd probably buy PVC pipe instead. 

Then again, the welded wire panels do make for a much sturdier structure than PVC and, given the wind I get here.....hmmm, maybe I wouldn't do PVC up here on Hell-Wind Hill.  The greenhouse might end up in the pond.  Those of you who live in more civilized climes might consider it.

I've still got to figure out if it should have a vent in the back here and it still needs some more work on the front.  However, yesterday, on a cold, bleak, grey November day when all the world has once again fallen prey to blood-lust and violence, I went out and planted spinach, lettuce and corn salad.  Because what else does one do?


  1. Great idea! Can't wait to see how it works out. Hope the guineas didn't jinx the structure!

  2. I'm well versed in plan 964,997 - B2 so that made me giggle. I think it's a great idea. Since we also have hell winds, I think that the wire makes sense.

    I too didn't know what to do with the hellish news so decided to carry on enjoying my horse weekend.

  3. That turned out really good. Hope your greens do good.

  4. Good idea for any shaped coop like that. When the world has turned angry we have to stop and find some of our own little peace.

  5. Well I mist have missed the whole guinea fiasco, but I think a greenhouse is an excellent idea regardless..