Monday, November 30, 2015

A Boy and His Toys

It's been a rough week and it's only Monday.

I am trying to buy a new computer, the general consensus is that the hard drive is failing in mine.  I thought I'd get a good Black Friday deal. Instead, I am reminded why I NEVER shop on Black Friday, even online. What a scam. 

Then there is my job. I will tell you about it when I can. 

For now, I need to borrow a bit of this boundless enthusiasm.  



  1. I love the back feet that point slightly outward. Skittles has that, too, and it just does me in when she gently jumps up on me with her front feet and stands there wanting her hugs and kisses. I look down while I'm fussing over her and there are the little feet pointing out, and the tail softly wagging.

  2. Well on a computer I just start researching and figuring out what I need then go looking for it and comparing a lot of reviews.
    Black Friday shopping oh I know why you say never again.
    I hope it works out for you.
    These delightful photos of Connor being energetic are wonderful.
    Wish I could borrow some of that!

  3. We all wish we could be of some assistance. That is a beautiful photo in your header.

  4. I too hate Black Friday. But puppy is ADORABLE <3

  5. There really is nothing like a Border Collie.....we had to go to town today and the Neighbors BC was packing his stick along behind his boss on the way to the shop! Some of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday prices I saw were regular prices with a big ON SALE tag in have to be so careful! Good Luck and enjoy your wonderful animals!

  6. Dogs with their beat up overused basketball toys are the best. My Tessa loves her jolly ball that is almost shredded. It's hard not to smile when they are so joyous. Hope your days and this week improve.

  7. And yes. a pox on computer shopping and Black Friday!

  8. My shop is closed on Black Friday with me inside cleaning up after Thanksgiving. Quiet and slow. No shopping for me.

    Where's FB's complaint that there are no pics of Bess?

    What do you feed that glossy handsome guy?

    1. We are feeding Premium Edge dog food, but they also get a bit of homemade stuff added in at each meal, usually a bit of organ meat or some of the bone broth we cook up for them.

  9. Connor is so cute and gorgeously handsome (that I'm not even missing a Bess picture one bit)! ;-p