Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Good Day

It was a lovely day here, which we are all very grateful for. 

It has been a truly beautiful Fall so far and, even though I feel like I've missed most of it, the animals sure have been enjoying it.  

My herd gets a little bit of grass each day and they spend their time out in the sun, enjoying the cool, fly-less days.  

It was a quiet, easy holiday today, which I am very grateful for.  I really needed some easy time in the sun.

A friend came down from the Adirondacks and, after spending some time with the herd and walking in the woods, we headed over to FB's and took all the dogs down to the lake. 

We had it all to ourselves.

We were supposed to tackle a small farm chore that keeps getting put off, but it got postponed yet again.  I guess that bull calf who really needs to get castrated has a little something else to be thankful for today.

After a good romp at the lake, we headed back to the farm for a Prime Rib feast, which I am going to let FB tell you all about.  We always manage to pull off a good meal, full great food and fun, but never without the odd glitch - this time involving a whole lot of shattered glass.

To be continued....


  1. what a beautiful day! I think you used it wisely. The donkeys definitely look grateful to be on the grass. :)

  2. I would use a beautiful day off in much the same way. I would have liked to wander about in the woods and take Morris for a walk.
    Alas, hunters surround and so does the banging. Three...more...days...!

  3. Oh, no. Glass. What happened? Your comment about enjoying the sun, does that mean you are still on day shift? If so, is this something permanent????

  4. Shattered glass brings good luck, no? ;) Loved reading about your easy holiday with easy time in the sun - you certainly deserve it! And all the animals are looking so very "luxurious" - great to see.
    P.S. Love your new banner photo, cool! Also, I don't dare to not mention how cute BESS!!! looks. :-D
    Have a great weekend, Kris!

  5. I am sure glad you mentioned this, Irmgard. I am glad SOMEONE notices how cute she is!! These other people must be blind!!

    1. Oh, FB. We ALL think Bess is a beauty. I wouldn't say she's 'cute' anymore. She's gorgeous.

    2. Kris, Thanksgiving with friends is the best. Connor's looking very tall (although not as tall as his long legged pal). Honestly can't get excited about prime rib, but I'll bet the 'sides' were delicious !

    3. Not excited about prime rib? Well maybe you would be interested in my corn pudding recipe! After you read the next blog posting, you probably won't want my to follow my Delicata squash cooking procedure.
      Now Bess, she is not just beautiful, she is FUN and very, very, very huggable!

  6. Oh look BC fishing at its finest! LOL Glad you had a relaxing and fun day!