Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The S*** Word

I know, it' s an offensive, dirty word, but what can you do?  Snow happens.

I figure, as of right now, we've had the perfect amount of winter.

We had a really hard freeze with two cold, nasty days.

Just enough snow to give the Border Collie a bit of contrast...

so we could go out and take some pretty dog-in-the-snow pictures.

and show off the Autumn light in the Hemlock swamp.

That's enough winter for me.  I'm ready for Spring.


  1. Whoa ... snow??? Hope it's just a passing fancy - not ready here either!

  2. Spring is coming soon! Yes, it's just a passing fancy! :D

  3. yup. I hear you. We haven't had it yet but I can feel it coming. :)

  4. Uh oh...it is just the beginning!

  5. You made me laugh! Here in Michigan we're still in the "can't decide if it really wants to become cold yet" stage. I actually look forward to the hibernating phase of the year.
    I heard a theory that if your birth month lies in the winter, you have an affinity for that season. And vice versa. My birthday is in November so there you go...

    1. I have to question that logic since I was born in February and I've always hated winter. Fortunately, it has warmed up again and melted the snow - for now!

  6. You have my empathy with respect to that evil "imposition in white", but you have my envy with respect to that leggy, perfectly gorgeous beauty of a pup of yours.