Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Because Snow Happens

Since my wish for a two-day winter is nothing more than delusional thinking, I've been doing a lot of winterizing lately.  Part of that winterizing, which I have been putting off, is building a lot of snow fence. 

I've tried putting up snow fence in the past with dismal results.  It generally tears apart in the wind or gets overwhelmed by snow and rendered useless.  My trees are growing, but they are still nowhere near big enough.  After the unrelenting misery of last winter, I decided to try the snow fence once again and I spent a small fortune on heavy duty snow-fence, which should be here tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, I needed to get posts set.  This wouldn't ordinarily be a hard job, but I am having terrible trouble with my arms right now thanks to the 14 years I've spent earning my keep in a histology lab.  Not only are my limbs failing, but the stress makes me grind my teeth in my sleep (when I sleep) and I have two cracked fillings that have to get fixed next week.

I had to enlist FB's help with the post pounding since this is definitely not on the doctor-approved list (not much is at the moment, which is making me feel very much the invalid.  I really need a new job).

Once we got the posts in, Tessa came over to demonstrate exactly why I generally only use electric fencing...

No matter what kind of fence you build, whether it's wood, metal, wire, etc; some big, fat, critter will come along and use it as a scratching post unless you put electric up to protect it.  And this is a FAT critter even though I feed her nothing but air and make her work for every bite.

I'm definitely going to have to move the electric wire to protect the snow fence or it won't last a week. 

And speaking of fat critters....It may be time for grazing muzzles on everyone.  That should go over well - I can hear the whining just thinking about it.


  1. I had not heard the word histology before. Thank you for the education. I'm sorry your occupation is taking such a toll on your body. You don't deserve that! Sure hope your snow fence pays off for you this Winter.

  2. I recall last winter! Yes, agreed on the electric fencing, a must to keep the critters from using metal posts to impale themselves while scratching.

  3. I can't believe the snow already! I'm SORRY

  4. So how is that willow row growing? I think about yours now and then, just long enough to remember that I don't have the energy to plant one myself. Can we have a picture?

  5. Ahh winter chores - ICK! I have a chainsaw and pile of wood I should be working on as well. Gee just doesn't seem to get on the list (okay it just keeps moving down).

  6. So how exactly does the snow fence work/what does it do?