Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Stills - Cats

This week's Sunday Stills challenge - cats.  Some of you may recall that I do indeed have a cat, a fact that I very often bemoan.  I have written about her before, for another Sunday Stills in fact, click here for that story.  My cat (Moss) is not of the cute, cuddly, winsome, charismatic, full-of-personality variety.  She falls more into the neurotic, odd, absolutely-nobody-else-in-the-universe-would-take-her variety.  You may also recall that she was, more or less, directly responsible for me getting my nose broken this past Spring (click here for that story, it was rather funny once I finally stopped swearing - and the swelling went down).  At any rate, here is Moss, you really can't tell from the photos that her wiring isn't quite right....

Can you find the cat in this one?  Hint: follow the ears....

By the way, the over population of cats in this country is a huge problem. It is a problem not just for the cats who suffer greatly as a result, but cats are the number one problem facing ground nesting birds.  Most cat owners don't want to acknowledge this since they don't want to believe that their sweet, little kitties could ever do such a thing, but it is a well documented fact.  The one thing that could really help is a readily available, easy, affordable, spay procedure and here it is....

Shelters and rescue groups can only do so much, more spay clinics would help address the actual, underlying problem.


  1. Funny pictures, and I hope you nose is doing ok.
    Our cat is sprayed, the only sensible thing to do if you're not planning on breeding.

  2. I would keep one eye pealed for that cat at all times..:)

  3. Pretty kitty. I wouldn't have a cat without either spaying or neutering it.

  4. I remember Moss. She may be neurotic, but she looks healthy & happy! Thanks for the ears hint, I wouldn't have found Moss in that last photo otherwise. Cute photo all snug in the hay.

    I've never had an unspayed cat, and I've had more then a few indoor and some outdoor ones that found us, throughout my life. Wish more people would be responsible, it's hard for me to go to some farms...especially when they offer free spaying in our area.

    1. I sure wish we had a program like that around here. We used to have a vet who would do a spay for $80, which is bad enough. However, he retired this Spring and the only vets left charge $250 to spay a cat and they won't do feral cats at all. To add to the problem, the few shelters turn people away and charge a fee to bring in a cat. It is a very common occurrence around here for people to abandon cats at farms, assuming that all farms must want them. It is often a death sentence for the cat since they rarely know how to survive on a farm.

      Considering the cost, I can't really blame people for NOT spaying their animals, especially the ones that get dumped off on them. I don't expect vets to work for free, but if they won't help with this problem who does that leave?

      Arrrghhh, sorry, I didn't mean to rant. This is one of my Soap Box subjects that makes me crazy. I'll be quiet now:) Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Doesnt look like a neurotic cat ;) But some just are that way. We have 2 neutered males on our farm and that is just perfect, we have had them for 4 years now and it works well here.

  6. Moss does appear rather aloof but other than that I wouldn't have known about the crazy. Glad you gave us a hint in the last photo. I was checking the packs.

  7. Thats one adventerous kitty, great shots..:-)