Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Real Story

A few folks have wondered what Emma was really doing in yesterdays post when she woke Ramsey up.  (What, you guys don't believe my little stories? :))  Anyway, this one did have a bit of truth in it.  I come out to say good morning and provide breakfast at about 11:30 each morning (remember, I work nights, this is early morning for me).  I say "about" 11:30 because sometime it's a little earlier and sometimes later, but it is almost never later than 12:30.  Emma knows all of this down to the millisecond as all animals, and particularly donkeys, have internal clocks that are accurate down to smallest fraction of a second.  She waits patiently and quietly until 12:30, but at 12:31 she starts to let me know that I am late. 

Since she and Ramsey still have access to the lawn, they have taken to waiting for me and greeting me at the door every morning.  I confess that this may be the real reason that they still get to live on the lawn.  A donkey hug first thing in the morning is an awfully good way to start the day and it does my heart no harm to know that they wait for me to come out and join the herd. 

Yesterday, I was late.  I had to make several phone calls and I was pushing that 12:30 mark when I finally made it out the door.  Emma was waiting patiently for me, but Ramsey had given up and opted for a nap.  After I spent several minutes greeting Emma and giving her a proper scratching, she declared it to be breakfast time.  She went over, got Ramsey up and led the way to the barn.  Ramsey can sleep anytime he wants just as long as it doesn't interfere with an already late breakfast. 


  1. Don't you just love your oversized dogs!
    Emma is a good mom, but breakfast time is breakfast time. Get moveing little one! :-)

  2. This is another good story! I dream of morning donkey hugs.

  3. Enma it's the best mama donkey!!!

    My Cinamon, a quater of an hour before her morning breakfast,she always turns the alarm on...and stars the "Iiiihhhhhnnnnoooohhhhh" She's my alarm clock every morning.