Friday, August 3, 2012

Handcrafted Jewels

Several people have asked me about Ramsey's, I did not make it.  I have tried making rope halters and my feeble attempts work fine in an emergency, but their lopsidedness and poor fit leave a lot to be desired.  Fortunately, I found a company on the web that makes really high quality, outstanding rope halters (and any other type of rope tack you could want) at very reasonable prices.  Best yet, they make halters for donkeys of nearly any size from newborn to mammoths.  Ramsey's halter was a little too big for him when I got it a few weeks ago, but it is adjustable and he has already grown into it with room to spare. The price was $10.50 plus shipping.

If I remember correctly, the one I got for Emma is a yearling donkey size and was $13.00

Gabe and Tessa have extra-nose-knot training halters that were about $16...

All of these are made out of high quality yacht rope and are hand made by a small, family owned business in MT. 

I don't have any affiliation with these folks, I have just been very impressed with the quality and reasonable price of these halters.  Since I have had a number of inquiries about where to find tack that fits donkeys and I like to support small farming businesses, I am sharing this here:

To go directly to the donkey page click here

PS - if you need something in a size that is really hard to find (like a halter for a newborn mini), I suggest that you contact the owner directly.  The website says she will custom make whatever you need and I have no reason to doubt it.  The contact info is:

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  1. Thanks for the info.As I said before,great color for Ramsey!

  2. Ok now I need to know what's up with the hair net with ears? I've seen fly masks with ears, but I've never seen this!!! Thanks for the halter info.

    1. The bonnet helps keep deer flies and black flies out of their ears when we ride. I douse the bonnet with fly repellant before I put it on, it helps.