Sunday, November 27, 2011


Whew, its been a hectic few days.  I don't normally have more than one or two visitors a year at my farm.  This weekend saw more people crossing my threshold than I have seen all year.  For most people, my half dozen visitors might seem like a drop in the bucket but, to someone who lives and works alone and only owns four chairs, it's a lot.

One of my visitors was my world-traveling, glamorous, big-city sister come to spend the holiday with me.  My world doesn't offer much in the way of bright lights or big-city living (although, the stars were particularly brilliant Thursday night).  What my place may lack in city splendors, it more than makes up for in having a DONKEY.

I can offer special, personalized greetings...
interactive sports....

a personal trainer who will accompany you on a guided tour of the local byways...
 and a full-time support system.

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