Friday, November 18, 2011

A rough day

Emma's temp has been in the normal range for most of the day but seems to be creeping up a little.  It was down to 98 this morning but has edged up to 101.1 as of a half hour ago.  This in the normal range for a young donkey though still higher than Emma's normal temp of 100.  I'll be checking again in a few hours, if the temp goes up again I'll be calling the vet and we will start her on IV antibiotics.  I'm still hoping this is a virus and she will shake it off tonight.

Tessa also had a checkup this morning and that did not go well at all.  I got on her again and she was immediately and intensely uncomfortable.  A friend who is a lot smaller and lighter than I am also got on her but Tess could not take her weight at all either.  It looks like the damage to her spine and pelvis is going to be permanent.  She was noticeably sore after our 30 second ride.  It is not likely that she will be a viable broodmare either as the weight of a foal will probably be too much for her.  The only hope at this point is to give her a couple of years off  and hope for a miracle.  I have some concerns about how she will manage once the deep snows get here.  I guse I just have to wait and see what happens, take some time to regroup and reassess.  For the moment, I am just going to focus on getting Emma through her crisis. 

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