Thursday, November 10, 2011

A DIY project (part 1)

Its that time of year.  The time when I scramble around winterizing and trying to get as many projects finished as possible before we all get buried in snow.  I decided this year to add an insulted, heated water trough to the barn for the girls.  I wanted something safe, easy to clean and inside the barn out of the ferocious wind that we get here.  I decided to go with a 16 gallon water tub with a built in heater element (that little donkeys cannot play with).  To cut down on electric usage I plug the heater into a heavy duty timer so that the heater only runs about 15 minutes every hour or so.  To cut this time down even more and keep the water warmer I decided to build an insulated box around the water tub.

Step1. Make sure your trusty companion has a comfy spot.

 Step 2. Assemble the ingredients

 (Always beware of willing yet inept helpers)
 Step 3.  Cut all the pieces to the desired length, 26" boards and 16" corner posts in this case.  (Note the inept helpers relegated to the peanut gallery in the background)

Step 4.  Begin assembly (I use serrated-tipped star-drive screws for everything.  With these screws, a cordless drill and a circular saw you can build anything) 

 (Don't forget to leave a space for the electrical cord)

To be continued as soon as I acquire the rest of the ingredients....


  1. What a great idea, Kris! Is there a way to drain it, or will you have to lift it out? I showed this to Kevin, and he was impressed! He wants to know if you are putting insulation around it and covering the corners. You are so ingenious!

  2. I see the helper still has her new toy cone!