Sunday, November 20, 2011

A much better day

Emma's temp has leveled out to 100.5 where it has stayed all day, right where it should be.  She was also much brighter and happier today, I even got a nice loud bray when she wanted some more attention.  Now that's more like it!

It is not unusual for young animals to get sick.  Really, it is to be expected and is not even a bad thing since it will strengthen their immune systems in the long run.  However, such a high and prolonged fever is nothing to trifle with and can't be left untreated without risking brain damage and seizures.  Thankfully, Emma's fever responded to the medication and protected her while this bug ran its course.  I also learned a lot from this.  Donkeys do not respond to illness like any other animal I have ever known, and that is saying something as I have spent my life working with all types of animals.  I know now that I have to be very vigilant and that I have a lot to learn about the truly minute subtleties of donkey language.  At least Emma is a good teacher. 


  1. glad she's better. High temps are scary,

  2. Nice header shot! Found your blog through Sunday Stills. Glad Emma feels better, she's so cute!!