Monday, June 10, 2019


I've been on vacation maternity leave for the past couple of weeks, but it is back to the salt mines for me today­čśó

I will try to keep up with the blog better than I have been recently, but it probably won't be every day.  My new "not-phone" works great with instagram so I finally understand its appeal.  The blog takes hours where that takes seconds, it also loads to my FaceBook account, which you can find under my name: Kris Maxwell (although the pics always go through marked "private" and I have to change them to "public".  Does anyone know how to change that?  I haven't found the magic button for that).  There will probably be lots of pictures over there if you need a Qilin or donkey fix.  You can follow the link on the side of the blog or look for me on Instagram at: thedancingdonkey

Socializing comes in a lot of forms these days so even if the blog gets a bit sparse because my job is making my brain hurt too much to post, we'll all still be around somewhere.

Qilin is, of course, the star pupil at "puppy Class". 


  1. Cute photos! Back to work awww...I have no idea how to do Instagram:)

    1. Just click on the link in the post, it should take you there. You may have to sign up, but it is free and easy. If you have a Facebook account, it will use that info or you can find me on FB by searching for Kris Maxwell near Binghamton, NY.

      I am not giving up the blog, I just can't keep up with as well as I used to:(

  2. Will you send the breeding results to the Sire? Have you ever seen a mule like Quilin?fr

  3. I found and followed you on Instagram. I've been trying to post a bit more there too. I tend to forget about it.

    I love all the pictures!