Friday, June 7, 2019

New Configurations

First....I knew I forgot to answer a burning question in my last post:  Has he made any sounds, i.e. neighing, braying? So curious.

YES, he has.  Twice now he has nickered at me, only it's not quite like a horse nicker and not a donkey wuffle.  It sounds kind of like a deep chuckle crossed with a duck quacking:)  Very cute and unexpected.  Like everything else mules do, the sounds they make are usually a unique combination of a neigh/bray.  If I get lucky enough to have the video open at just the right moment to catch such sounds, I will be sure to post it.  I suspect this guy might turn out to be a talker, he certainly has strong opinions already:)

I made two new doors in the back of the barn in order to give everyone more room and more options.  One leads out to the back of the "sunroom" area where the donkeys have been hanging out.  I have been thinking about putting a door here for a while as I usually park my little manure spreader right where Ben's back feet are...

With that bit of wall turned into a door, I can load the spreader right where it parks...or give the donkeys a fun thruway:)

The other door goes straight out the back wall of the barn and allows me to make seperate entrances for the donkeys and for Tess and Qilin.  I put hinges on the the portion of wall I cut out and, viola, wall becomes door.

A board across the bottom of the barrier inside the barn and closing the gate lets everyone share the space, but I can still keep them in separate pastures.  This configuration, along with the portable fence I use allows for numerous pasture/shelter options with very minimal changes to the barn.

Qilin was a bit sceptical. 

"Uh Mom....there's donkeys in our house."

Qilin may have doubts, but Ben highly approves.  He was missing his favorite corner.

He also approves of having multiple escape routes when strangers come by.  A true introvert from the tips of his little ears to bottoms of his dainty hooves.

Tess doesn't care as long as she can keep her fan.  Good moms do share the fan though.  Such sacrifice:)


  1. Delrene from Carlsbad, CaJune 8, 2019 at 7:46 PM

    Oh my, this is an amazing barn. And all of us, and yes, me, me. Me hope he makes his little sounds at the opportune time for you. Cannot get enough of this little darlin and his happy beginnings.

  2. Safe and happy! Looks like Q is being a good boy:)

  3. Kris, your barn is always so clean! My George and the three minis would have that floor fouled in minutes.
    Love the new floor plan!

  4. The donkeys look much happier -- excellent barn improvements.

  5. They are all looking wonderful. Those new doors will help a lot.