Monday, June 17, 2019

Lessons Learned

Things Qilin has learned:
  • The deeper the hay, the softer the bed
  • Deep hay or tall grass is the best place to pee 
  • Poop outside because that's what mom does (nice to have housebroken horses:)
  • Mud is icky and gets all over pretty white legs so it is best avoided
  • Don't kick either mom
  • Don't put your front feet on the human's shoulders
  • Don't try to twiddle with the milk bar when you are just bored and not actually hungry
  • If you do try to twiddle with the milk bar, the tail will get you....
  • Going for walks is fun
  • Ropey things are OK
  • Being in the lead is OK
  • Weird things like these are not edible yet humans are still oddly fascinated with them
  • Ear rubs are good, but only while lying down.  Way too much to do otherwise
  • Donkeys are interesting, but a little scary
  • If you stand still for a few seconds, you might get a backrub (not sure it's worth it, standing still is soooooo hard)