Saturday, November 17, 2018

Where The Hell is The Joy?

Sooo...seeing as we had a foot of snow last night with a side dish of sleet, several people sent this to me today:
Image may contain: text that says 'If you choose not to find joy in the snow, you will have less joy in your life but still the same amount of snow. @mindfulfitness'

Clearly, there is truth in that and, given the forecast for the foreseeable future....

I went out this morning to try to find some f***ing joy.

Hmmm...definitely no joy here...

"How about you Ben, have you found some joy today?"

"Do I look like I've found any joy?"


"Mr. Einstein, have you spotted any joy lying around?"

"That depends on whether or not you have cookies in your pocket???"

"Yeah....that's gonna be some more non-joy.  We are out of cookies."

I don't think I even need to ask Ramsey.  If there is anyone around here who finds less joy in snow than I do.......

"Hey Ma!"

"Yes Emma?"

"I know where the joy is stored.  It's those yummy pellets in the barrel right right behind you...Just step aside and we'll liven this place right up!"

"Sorry guys, having to make an emergency call to the vet because you gobbled all the joy is not exactly what I was hoping for."

"Bummer,  you can be such a killjoy Ma.  In that case, you better go play with the stooopid dog cause this is about all the joy you're gonna find here today."

Yup, there is some joy...

...and it's the first time since last winter that he hasn't had muddy feet.

Whew.  Some days you have to look long and hard to find a bit of joy.


  1. My two are like your donkeys. They refused to leave their stalls all day and I finally gave up and bedded them down. Snow is fine but this resin after was a real killjoy. Guinness seemed to like the snow. Not so much the rain. Even he hesitated to go out.

  2. Love this. I have a 10 1/2 pound shivery little chi mix dog, and goats that hate to get their feet wet. No joy here either. Unless you go visit the rabbit. This is her sort of weather. Tunnel time!

  3. Good boy, Conner. Your Mom needs some cheering up. Is there ANYTHING that gets a Border Collie down? Rebecca2

  4. "I went out this morning to try to find some f***ing joy."

    LOL! I about spit out my drink! LOL! Maybe name one of the animals Jay, then you can always find it :D

  5. It IS great not to have all those muddy paws!!

  6. Oh joy. The fact that I chuckled throughout this entire post (Ramsey looks downright horrified!) does NOT mean that I don't wholeheartedly feel with you all (save Connor), there on Hellwind(&snow) Hill! Wishing you a splendidly benign rest of the winter!!

  7. I just knew Connor would find the joy! :)