Monday, November 5, 2018

Lest We Forget....

 That the sun still does exist somewhere and it doesn't really rain EVERY day...

....even if it is hard to tell.


  1. Now I know why we in the Southwest have so much desert; you "Northeasters" have our share, too. I was visiting in Massachusetts in 1959, and friends were going to take me to Boston - well it was raining in Boston so I suggested that we just drive North then - and they are laughed - seems if it was raining to the South of us, it would also be raining to the North of us. Who knew? Rebecca2

  2. Ditto. All the summer rain has made the colors brighter than it's been in years and now rare sunny days to show them off.
    What's going on there Elva?

    1. This is an illustration of the bucket method of dog cleaning. Take a one-gallon bucket, fill it with warm water, dip muddy feet in bucket and you end up with a fairly clean dog! Interestingly enough, Big Bess is the cleanest dog I have, as she is so tall and does not run around as much as a crazy border collie. Puppy Ian is the second cleanest as he has short hair. Kelsey gets pretty dirty, as she is short and runs around, splashing mud all over her stomach and inner thighs. Kris' Connor gets the award for most dirty dog in town!! We forgive him though, as he is an excellent playmate for Ian!!
      Oh, and our leaves seemed to have had NO color at all this year. I have never seen anything like it!

  3. Our yard is flooded
    Tired of rain

  4. Love the photos and the sun! We haven't seen sunlight for a few days now and it feels so dull and dreary here.
    However we may get a glimpse of it tomorrow and then ... snow!

  5. Washing feet! We used to do that to Chance all the time:)