Sunday, November 25, 2018

Caught In the Act

"Who me???"

"You don't think I would ever cause any trouble do you?  C'mon, you know you can trust this face...."

"I'm just a sweet, little, innocent donkey.  Why, even angels speak my name. "

"You know I would never, ever, make trouble."

"Truly, you can believe me.  It's not ME who pulls the fence post out of the ground EVERY. SINGLE. DAY....."

"OK, so I can see where you might get the wrong idea, but I swear, that photo is totally fake.  It's FAKE NEWS!"

"That photo is so thing I know, you'll be calling me Sasquatch!"

"Hey, psst, bloggy peeps....errr, um, anyone know a good lawyer wanting to do a bit of pro-bono work for a totally innocent little donkey?  Tell him your friend Sasquatch Albert might need a wee bit of help...."


  1. I've seen "innocent" before, but Albert takes the cake. Except in that second photo, where a bit of the "sly" sneaks in. Rebecca2

  2. uh Albert, ya know they say a picture is worth a thousand words......

  3. LOL trouble comes in all shapes and sizes!

  4. Albert is charming! I can see why you brought him home.

  5. I lol'ed at the 'fake news'! I don't know how you will fix that but good luck!

  6. I love donkey antics! Oh... perhaps that photo was photo-shopped! Oh!

  7. Way too cute. Love these. What a stinker doodle boy!