Saturday, November 24, 2018

Black Friday Shopping

This whole Black friday shopping thing just baffles me, but then...I hate shopping, big crowds, bright lights, traffic, cities, etc, etc.  No matter how crazy it seems to me though, there are always people lined up at the door, milling around and waiting for them to open....

There are always people squabbling over the latest toy craze...

Shoppers hoarding goodies and standing watch over them like they are going to get snatched right out from under them...

....and others who going home empty handed.

Seems to me that the best part of Black Friday shopping would be coming home and enjoying some leftovers....I do love leftovers, it's my favorite food.

Maybe a bite of pie as consolation for missing out on the toy-of-the-day.

Then again, you could just stay home and enjoy the leftovers without all the shopping horrors.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Wow, that's a lot of snow on the ground for November; everything looks so clean and crisp. Have your line of trees grown up enough to help? It looks like the snow on the roofs is slowly sliding off. Your herd all have their winter coats on, and look pretty snuggly. Rebecca2

  2. Ha! I hate crowds too. I've driven to a store just to drive on by and go home because the parking lot looked full. However, I did do some black friday shopping- just online. :)

  3. I hate shopping as well. Hubby wanted to go into the city today. "Saturday after Thanksgiving!?!?" I exclaimed! "Are you crazy???" I shop from my armchair. UPS and I are on first name basis. :D

  4. What a cute/clever post. the pictures are great.

  5. It's awful. I don't do Black Friday. Too many crazies are out.