Saturday, September 8, 2018


Connor and I had babysitting duty yesterday.  We did some hiking...

Some swimming...

....which caused the puppy to turn into a frog.

Ian had great fun with an empty peanut butter jar...

...and finally crashed for a brief nap on the hard floor under my desk (which is also Connor's favorite spot) instead of the large, cushy, expensive dog bed.

Kelsey also came along so that I could have a double dose of Border Collie frisbee mania....

Nothing like a double set of high-beam laser lights trying to drill frisbee-shaped holes into your brain.

Ian tried to be a distraction....

...but even a puppy crawling under him won't distract Connor from the frisbee.

Elva doesn't want Ian to become obsessed with frisbee like every other Border Collie so I promised not to throw it.  I'm not so sure that will actually work.

Where there is a will, there is a way, and Border Collies have enormous will.

Since we are trying to distract the little devil from frisbees, I guess he will just have to help me paint the house instead.  Elva probably disapproves of that as well, but that is what good babysitters do - they let the kids do all the fun stuff their parents don't like.  Am I right?

"Don't worry about the paint on your tail Ian, you can't get the job done with getting a bit of dirt on your hands/tail/paws/whiskers....whatever".


  1. I had to laugh. I am trying to figure out how to finish up some painting INdoors without too much help from Charlie who would get into it for sure. I wonder how white and green look on him?
    Looks like you had your hands full!

  2. If you like, check out my blog today where my horse discovers a puppy for the first time (he has no dog experience).

    Would love your interpretation of his behavior, cuz I'm lost.

  3. Can you believe she got green paint on the baby's tail? That can't be good for him at all!!! And she has yet to show you a picture of his very cute speckled belly! However, the frog picture is pretty good! Believe me, if I had ever had children, they would not have spent one hour at daycare!!!!

  4. Happy Ian has taken to the water. The "high-beam laser lights trying to drill frisbee-shaped holes into your brain" is not exclusive to BC's. Believe me. :D

  5. I’m pretty sure that it’s a losing battle with the frisbee.

  6. Frisbee...ball...stick...stuffed animal...they are have a place in a Border Collies life! All that puppy energy must have some release! Ian has some great mentors there...looks like they are patient with the pup too! What fun to be the baby sitter!! :)