Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Middle Child

You would think this whole blog has gone to the dogs lately.  That is what happens when a new puppy comes around.  Since I posted pictures of Bess though, I am now being bombarded (by a certain someone) for pictures of the other dogs too.  So, it is Kelsey's turn.  The poor, overlooked middle-child.

Kelsey is 9 years old this year and, with Scout gone, she has graduated to the senior dog.

She is sweet, kind, sensitive and a wee bit neurotic.

She loves working the sheep and is finally, after 6 years, gaining the confidence to work the cows a tiny bit.

A dog has to be tough, strong-willed and confident to work cows and when the going gets tough, Kelsey gets going - in the wrong direction.

Any hint of stress, frustration or anger and she zooms back to the house to hide.  She also dislikes cuss words and bee-lines to the house and her hidey-hole at the merest hint of an F-bomb.

You may not know this, but the reason cows are born with horns is that they are direct descendants of the devil.  That is an honest-to-God scientific fact.  They are ALL devils.  They can sniff out any hint of weakness and will exploit it unmercifully.

Kelsey is finally starting to figure out that she just might have the power to banish the devil.  Maybe. When she's feeling tough.

On the days when the devils win anyway....at least there are always sheep to intimidate.


  1. Beautiful photos of a very sweet pup!

  2. She has a beautiful face. I hope she beats those devils. My aussie loved to herd anything. When the neighbors cows got in our pasture.....I would get on one side of the gate and the hubby on the other. I'd holler bring it to mommy. Or go to daddy. She would get that cow back where it belonged.

  3. When something upsets Kate in the barn (like throwing hay from the loft) she goes to sit on the Wool House porch with her back turned to the barn, refusing to watch :-D.

  4. Beautiful pictures of the Kelsey bird! Sometimes, she is an AMAZING cow dog, and she does always give it a go every day when we move the cattle, but those cows can be SOOO stubborn!!! Ian says that next year, he will help her! Kelsey keeps saying she never asked for a little brother (she calls him a little bother)!!

  5. Ah she’s lovely. My d’Arcy was a brave chicken too. Fortunately he didn’t mind f-bombs

  6. Nice pics of Kelsey, she's pretty. Run & hides at the drop of an F-Bomb lol?! She would be hiding a lot at my place. It's hard being the middle child. Sounds like she handles it well.

  7. Your pup is so cute, I love the photos that you were able to capture of him. Such great and playful pictures! Thanks for the share, have a fantastic rest of your day. Keep up the posts
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