Friday, September 21, 2018

Kissing Booth Contestants

We're always trying to figure out ways to generate more farm income around here and we are thinking about building an old fashioned Kissing Booth.  There is some debate about who should get center stage though.  I tried to tell the donkeys that they only had to work one at a time time, but they disagree - where one goes, they all go.  So, which one would you choose?

There is Ramsey, the ever-popular Chocolate Charmer, who is always first in line and the last to leave.  You will likely get a kiss from him whether you pay for it or not.  He might cost us more than he earns. 

You could try to charm the sweet, shy Emma of the coy smile....

....and the oh-so-soft nose.

Then there is the new fellow in town - a quiet, rugged, square-jawed man of mystery....

...who carries his scars with quiet indifference and tells no tales.

And then there is the Big Guy - Benjamin of the big brown eyes and soft, smooshy nose....

...Except you have to work hard for smooch on this snoozle. 

Ben is insisting on cyber smooching only.  You can love him from afar all you like, but he reserves the right to hide in corners if you actually show up.

And Connor....He says to Hell with icky, yucky kissing.  We should just charge people to throw the frisbee for him and we will be rich in no time!


  1. I'm with Connor, he has a great idea!

  2. they are all so cute, would be hard to choose
    but, guess I would take Ramsey because he wants to give them :)
    Happy weekend.

  3. How about just a little pat on the nose, no kissing? I pick Gentle Ben. Rebecca2

  4. Although I'd love to snorgle all the noses, i think Conner has the best financial advice ��

  5. I want to kiss all of them but only the ones who say ‘yes’. 😀. Also the puppy would c,ean up at kissing booth

    1. Are you referring to MY sweet puppy? Is there a BC puppy for you sometime in the future? We are hoping!

  6. Painless way for them to earn their keep, but I wouldn't be able to pick among them. All special in their own way.

  7. This may be your best post yet!
    And, of course, I want my smooches from Ben. I will settle for the cyber kind, if I must.