Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Things to do on Vacation

I've been on my Fall staycation and I had thought I would get all kinds of blogging done, but.....I've barely looked at the computer.  I keep thinking of things I should write about and then I turn the computer on and some new catastrophe has happened, everyone is obsessed with politics that make my teeth hurt, a new scandal has erupted and....I suddenly feel the need to go clean the barn, walk the dog, rub donkey ears, watch paint dry....just about anything to avoid the rest of the world. 

Instead of thinking about any of that nonsense I've been doing this instead:

Riding Buddy is finally getting some saddle time with Tessa and they are getting along very well.

Getting used to Tessa's loooong strides and her silly quirks takes a little time.

Tess is very intelligent, honest and always willing to try, she also tries very hard to communicate with her rider and she gets frustrated if the rider doesn't understand.  RB and Tess have been learning to talk to each other and they are starting to have some nice conversations. 

When the sun come out, I work on this job....I can't believe I already have to paint my new house. 

If I'm not painting, I'm finally finishing the battens on the woodshed.
And hiking with my dog.
And even sitting on my couch reading a book at night. Gasp!

And when all that gets tiresome, I take a little break for some of this...

Last winter, Ben's cart got an extreme makeover.  It had a few issues that made me a bit nervous about using it so my friend Dave took it to his place to do some repair work.  It was a good thing too as one of the shafts broke in half when he unloaded it from the trailer.  He took it all apart and replaced the shafts and gave it a very spiffy paint job.  I bought Ben a proper harness and I think he looks quite handsome in his "new" gear. 

And now, my couch, and the rest of my staycation, is calling me again.  Maybe I will even get around to actually writing.  Maybe.  If i avoid looking at anything else on the Internet. 


  1. Tessa is gorgeous. I'm sure she and RB will figure it out. Yes, painting comes around all too soon. Love Ben's new getup and rig.

  2. The news and the social media sites are full of politics and mind blowing hate spewing stuff. All driven more by social media.
    That said, I like your idea.
    I'd rather go pick up sticks in the yard than listen to that nonsense.
    Ben looks great and so does Tess!
    Enjoy your Staycation!

  3. You are one busy lady, and I envy your energy. You captured Tessa's loong strides in your photos. I wonder where that comes from? Rebecca2

    1. Tessa is a Tennessee Walker and they have those long strides.

  4. That sounds like a lovely vacation. And Ben does look spiffy in his new gear! What fun. :)

  5. Replies
    1. I was riding Hawkeye. we switched so RB could get some time in with Tessa. I am not sure Hawkeye was happy about it, but I had fun:)

  6. Your staycation sounds wonderful, except for the painting part. Not a fan, but it always looks so nice when it's done! Nothing like seeing the world as it should be, between a pair of fuzzy ears. Glad you are enjoying your well-deserved time off.

  7. Politics and scandals, sigh. I'm with you. I'll just hang out in my own little world. The people are nicer here ��

  8. The cart looks great! So glad you can get out and use it. Ben looks good too in his new harness.

  9. I love those staycations! Mine was like yours-very little screen time and it was fabulous

  10. Tess looks great! Who were you riding? I would give anything for a driving horse/donkey!!! I am going through the same thing... politics... ugh.

  11. Tessa and I are getting along quite well. I was a bit nervous at first as her looonnnggg strides were unsettling. In my past riding life, I would ride many different horses belonging to friends or taking lessons so adapting to different was not unusual. But I am out of practice, so this change up is a good thing for Miss Tessa and myself and we are having fun!

  12. What a pretty cart! I just turn off the news and watch cooking shows:)