Thursday, March 8, 2018


I've had a number of people ask me where to find a toy like the one Di gave to my donkeys.  They can be found on Amazon here:

You will need to inflate the toy with one of those needle thingies that you use to inflate a basketball or soccer ball.  It is super easy, but if you've loaned your bicycle pump to your friend like I did, you will have to remember top retrieve it before you can accomplish this little task, which, for me at least, took a while:)

And...just because everybody needs puppy is the latest of Lulu already outgrowing the beds. 
Doesn't she look just like a big, soft, squishy toy herself?  The kind you'd just like to grab up and get a good whiff of puppy breath.


  1. She looks like a sweetie. I would enjoy petting her. Such a beautiful puppy.

  2. I hope you keep us posted as to how Lulu does as she grows into adulthood. (good sentence)

  3. The info about the toy says that it improves math proficiency. Have you noticed any improvement in the donkey's math proficiency since they started playing with that toy? Ha. -k

  4. She is way too cute. Mom, I need a bigger bed!