Monday, March 5, 2018

Stormy Day Entertainment

Since everyone was stuck in the barn all weekend, hiding away from the snow storm, it was a good time to offer a new toy.  One of my long-time readers very generously sent this toy to us a couple of months ago.  It has been sitting on my shelf, waiting for me to get my act together and get the right pump to fill it with air.  Lucky for the donkeys, I finally remembered to get the tire pump back from Elva (aka, Farm Buddy, the Little Elf) so that they could play with this weekend.

Ben was a bit skeptical, there is really only one toy he likes to play with and you'll hear about that later.

Emma, on the other hand, always loves new toys.  Most people assume that Ramsey is the one who collects toys, but it is Emma who plays with them the most and she is usually the first in line to get at a new offering. 

This toy was an instant hit.

Emma decided right off that it has all the right components of a good is soft and easy to pick up and toss around.

It is easy to hold onto while digging it into the ground and her teeth make a pleasant squeaky noise when she drags it along the floor...

It also has room for more than one muzzle.

Give Ben some more time to think about it and it just might even be a three-way tug.

It certainly kept these two happy for a good long while on a stormy, winter day. 

Thank you Di, this was a great success.  Emma and Ramsey are certainly glad you were thinking of them!


  1. fingers crossed a "good long while"...true test of toy life, let the donkeys play with them!!! keep us posted if this lasts please. gracias!

  2. I've been reading the weather news, and wondering how you and yours are faring. That new toy has an intriguing shape and briliant colors - - - - do donkeys see in color?

    1. Yes they do, but not all colors and not the same as we do. There is a good article about it here:

  3. A great way to enjoy a stormy day. Love your pictures, always gives me a sense of relaxation and peace. I've never had horses who've been interested in toys much. Are donkeys more inclined?

    1. They do play with stuff more than the horses do, especially if it is new. They are like little kids - everything goes in the mouth:)

  4. Hey Kris, what's the name of it? I haven't been able to find a toy for the donks that holds their interest.