Sunday, March 18, 2018

Puppy Dreams

One week old today and the little grubs are growing fast and fat.

They are crawling around more, trying to figure out how to make their legs work. 

Puppies at this age are still blind and mostly deaf.

Their limbs are weak and uncoordinated and they mostly sleep and eat, but they also start exploring the world.

Despite their lack of sight and sound, there is a lot going on the minds of tiny puppies. 

The first 12 weeks of life are the most critical for their development and a great deal happens before their eyes ever open. 

Their sense of smell works just fine and scent brings the world to them, even in their sleep.

Their minds are active, open and they dream often.

In their searches for food, warmth and comfort, their muscles develop and they learn how to interact with their siblings.

They bark, yip, growl and stretch themselves out into the world....

Until they all find a good spot.

What do puppies who have never seen the world dream about?

 What do any of us dream about?


  1. They are so adorable!!! If they had short tails, I'd say they resembled polar bear cubs! :-) Don't you just love their fat little ear flaps? They look very healthy and Mama Bess is beautiful. I miss puppy breath -- nothing better!! I use to sleep next to the whelping box with my puppies for the first week just to help mom keep an eye on them. It was hard to leave them -- they grow so fast. Looking forward to watching their progress. Fun times ahead!

  2. Those are some fat little grubs :-D.

  3. Elva will never be brought up on animal abuse charges, that's for sure. Bess is smiling in that last photo. Looking forward to seeing how each little "grub" develops.

  4. My heart is so full - what a wonderful Mama she is.

  5. What a good Mom she is!! Your pups are so cute!! Touch them all over so they get used to being handled...I probably would have marked them with a magic marker someplace to keep track of weights...but if they are all doing well that is good! I love pups and miss watching litters grow up...I think they dream of being born:)

  6. I need to quit looking at these sweeties or I'm going to end up with a new puppy. :)

  7. Now they’re polar bear cubs or “grubs”!

  8. This is a topic that is close to my heart... Many thanks! Where are your contact details though?