Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Spreading Out

The little grubs got an expansion to their world yesterday.  At one week old, they are already in need of more space.

There is one pup who is a bit smaller than the others, so he got an smudge of orange crayon on his head to make him easy to find.  Elva makes sure he gets first crack at the milk bar.  It is likely that he is just a couple days younger than the others and he will catch up.

It is amazing how fast puppies grow at this age.  From one day to the next, there are noticeable changes.

They are already starting to spread out more in true independant Maremma style.

With more room, Bess is more comfortable and spends more time with the pups.  This lets them take turns nursing, which is much better for everyone.  It also gives Bess more room to enjoy one of her frequent gourmet meals which are delivered directly to her so that she can enjoy breakfast, 2nd breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner in bed.


  1. A well loved lot by their doggy Mom and hooman Mom.

  2. Oh, if all mommes and little ones could be so loved and cared for.

  3. Gosh I wish I could beam over,

  4. They are all so freaking adorable.

  5. How beautiful and adorable! I just love puppies!