Monday, May 15, 2017

Cheap Drunk

The vet was out on Thursday for a Spring checkup and dental check.  Ben had been yawning a lot and stretching his mouth so I thought there might be something going on with him and since I don't know if he has ever had his teeth done, I wanted him to get checked out.

He was a bit dubious and worried about the whole thing, but Emma and Ramsey stuck close by him for moral support and he remained stoic about it all.

He had some sharp points that were irritating his cheek, but his teeth are in good shape.  He got a very, very small amount of sedative to make everything go easier for him, but Big Ben is a very cheap drunk and he was away in is happy place for about two hours after the vet left.

Everyone else had their teeth checked as well, but they all got gold stars for excellent dental care and they all got to avoid the dentist chair this time around.  The vet said that all my animals have remarkably good teeth, which I attribute to a forage-only diet fed as close to the way nature intended as possible.

Once the happy juice wore off, Ben was happy to go out and demonstrate his well honed foraging techniques with his newly polished chompers.


  1. Good news all around I'm like Ben- a cheap drunk!

  2. Boy, that is quite an "apparatus" poor Ben is wearing; even sedated; it seems like he would object strenuously.

  3. Ben is such a sweet ol guy. That's a good checkup for Emma and Ramsey.

  4. The more your tales include big Ben, the more I'm lovin' that boy.