Thursday, May 25, 2017

Custom Fit

The black flies are really brutal this time of year and they just love donkey ears - all that acreage with a lovely blood supply, its just what black flies loves.  Fortunately, Cashel makes a really nice fly mask with donkey sized ears.

Unless you happen to be Ben, then even Cashel falls short.

I have bought Ben several fly masks and they were all too small.  I finally bought him a warmblood sized mask with mule ears and the ear portion was STILL too small.  I had to squash his ears into them and the tips of his poor little ears folded over by about two inches.  What's a mammoth donkey owner to do?

I turned to Riding Buddy because she and her mother are excellent seamstresses.  We did a fitting and she replaced the too-small ears with longer, fuller, plus-sized, custom fitted ear protection.

It helps to have friends in the right places.  We wouldn't want those poor, dainty, little appendages getting chewed on now would we?


  1. Oh good! I was going to suggest some customization. Wear those ears with pride Ben!!

  2. AND she fixed my Carhart pants and shorts!!! Thanks!!!!

  3. Friends are good to have. Friends with skills are awesome to have. That looks perfect.

  4. Great fix for Ben's beautiful long ears. Our gnats were horrible. Star's ears looked like hamburger because he kept scrubbing holes in the ears of his head mask.

    Finally went to the Dollar Tree and bought some tubes of stinky cocoa butter lotion. Kept his ears smeared and the bugs didn't like the lotion and it helped his ears get better.

    Happy weekend and have a wonderful memorial day!

  5. Where there is a Will, there is a Way. What does Ben think of having this "protection" put on his head?

  6. Perfect. We have had those nasty flies around here too. Not so much when it's coolish, but a couple of days ago they were brutal.

  7. Love the mask! We do get bugs and gnats but generally not as bad as other places. However, with all the moisture and the mild winter, I wonder what our summer will be like!
    The gnats were pretty nasty last night.