Friday, May 8, 2015

Plotting Mutiny

My donkeys are very mad at me.

Ever since the beginning of April when the snow finally receded enough for them to escape the barn, they have been enjoying the run of the farm.  Almost four weeks of complete freedom, unlimited grazing and daily races around the fields.  They are feeling good and reveling in Spring.

Unfortunately for them, the grass is starting to grow in earnest now and that means the end of freedom.  I put them back on their perimeter track which has very little grass that they have to work hard to find.  They still get hay and straw, which they want no part of, especially with acres of sweet, spring yumminess surrounding them on all sides.  I do feel their pain, to be be forced to eat celery and lettuce while the pizza and ice cream taunts them from every angle.  It is a cruel injustice.  To add injury to this mighty insult, the May flies showed up right on the first of May just to torture them.  There has been much complaining.

I sense a mutiny in the works and I don't think I want to know what sort of things they are whispering to each other.


  1. oh my! That first photo made me giggle- it definitely looks like a coup is in the works! I totally get it. Irish is getting quite cranky about being in the front (and beaten down) paddock. I hand graze them every night so that when I transfer them it will be easier for all.

  2. In a hushed donkey whisper,,,,,,,act nonchalant....carefree, unconcerned...we can lull her into relaxing...then make a break....muhaaha!
    I think my animals could smell an open gate or the chance of freedom!

  3. I just want to give them a good scratch all over!

  4. That is so sad--we're sure that qualifies as donkey abuse ;-)

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  6. Well we have some grass, not as good as I like but they are going out on pasture and if I can get the donks into the deeper woods with the cattle it will be a good thing. Then everyone can use the underbrush to browse and whip away those nasty bugs.
    I am sure they cannot wait!

  7. Be careful - before you know it, they'll raise the pirate's flag ;-))))
    Same thing is happening here - so much yummy grass but mommy won't open the fences ! Tummy-aches ? Naaaa we don't get those ! Give us the spring grass, mommy ! Or else....