Friday, May 29, 2015

Complaint Department

"Hey, is this the complaint window?"

"Well, not really, it's just the window I happen to be working on.  Do you have a complaint?"

"Yes I do!  I want to know why you're over there having fun without ME?!"

"I'm working out here, not playing."

"Well, that's dumb, we should be out playing.  Give that nonsense up and come play with me.  Can't you tell I'm really suffering here?"

Just one of the reasons it's so hard to get anything done around here.


  1. I can see you have distractions and they sure take advantage of you. Animals are a great joy though! How is the dear cow doing?

  2. Ramsey is definitely addressing his comments directly at YOU.

  3. Poor thing! He is so abused, LOL!

  4. Oh yeah. The "I am so neglected by my mommy"-bray :-). I hear it often too...

  5. Very cute sequence! Where were you ... in the rafters? Perhaps Ramsey and my Siog could be pen pals and discuss their grievances ... she feels the same way whenever she spots me!